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AAA Plus RV & Premier RV

Protection for Recreational Vehicles & More!

Add more protection to your membership with AAA Plus RV and Premier RV coverage. Adding this valuable protection to your membership extends your four service calls per membership year to include RV trailers, RVs and other eligible vehicles.

RVs: Motorhomes; travel trailers; dual-wheel campers; and dual-wheel, unloaded pickup trucks with or without campers.

Motorcycles: AAA Plus RV and AAA Premier RV cover flat tire service, towing and fuel for the motorcycle you are driving.

RV Trailers: AAA Premier RV covers trailers designed for the purpose of transporting personal watercraft, ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and golf carts.

Specialty Vehicles: Premier RV membership covers ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and golf carts.

Get 100 miles of free towing...

...for your RV, travel trailers and so much more.

Enjoy 200 miles of free towing...

...and more with our Premier level of membership.

AAA Plus RV & Premier RV Memberships Also Include:

Towing: Four tows up to 100 miles for Plus RV members | One tow up to 200 miles of towing and any remaining qualified tows up to 100 miles for Premier RV members.

Flat Tire Service: Replace your vehicle’s or trailer’s tire with its mounted spare.*

Fuel Delivery: Free fuel delivered to get you to the nearest station.

Vehicle Locksmith Service: Up to $100 reimbursement.

Double Extrication Service: If your vehicle or trailer becomes stuck in a ditch or snow, it will be extricated or winched as long as it can be safely reached from the hard surface road. If needed, a second truck and operator will be called in to help (up to one hour) at no additional charge.

One-Day Free Car Rental: Premier RV members are also entitled to one complimentary one-day rental car with a qualifying, non-collision tow.

Car Travel Interruption: If you’re traveling by car and are 100 miles or more from home and have a breakdown or accident, or if your vehicle is stolen while en route, we’ll reimburse you for emergency expenses up to $1,000 for Plus RV and up to $1,500 for Premier RV members. Reimbursable expenses include: meals and lodging, car rental, and transportation home or to your destination within 72 hours.

Additional Benefits & Offers

Before setting out on the road, take advantage of these AAA exclusive offers:

  • Free quote on RV and Specialty Vehicle Insurance**
  • Save on pet travel products from Kurgo
  • Save 10% on most parts and accessories at participating Napa Auto Parts stores

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