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Health Coverage and the New Michigan Auto Insurance Reform Law

Under the new Michigan Auto Insurance Reform Law, the health care plan you have could affect your coverage options.

Starting July 2020, you’ll be able to choose the amount of coverage on your auto policy to help pay for medical expenses if an insured is injured in an auto accident. This is called your “limit” for Personal Injury Protection Allowable Expenses* (PIP AE). In Michigan, your PIP AE options will depend on the type of health care coverage you already have. You may be able to choose a new, lower PIP AE limit, and that may lower your auto insurance costs.

Healthcare Coverage - Things to Consider

Review your health coverage

The type of health coverage you have may determine the PIP options available to you, and may even allow you to waive PIP coverage.

Health Coverage

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*Please note that certain PIP AE options have eligibility requirements that apply to the named insured and all resident relatives and may vary depending on the option. Please see the No-Fault Act for complete details. This summary is being provided for general information purposes only. Subject to regulatory approval. Coverage is subject to eligibility, terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations.

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